Welcome to my little homepage. I'm a programmer in the KULON research institute (Moscow, Russia). Sometimes I deal with Open Source Software, and sometimes I fix it to fit my needs.

Here is my patches which I consider interesting for general public. If you've got something to say, don't hesitate - email me. Take care of correct MIME charset specification in your messages - otherwise they can be ignored.

Struggle for international characters

Tk "international printing" patch resides here. Tcl language and Tk GUI toolkit are my favorite development tools. Tk has the ability to output postscript representation for its canvas widget - but there is a problem with characters outside latin1 character set. Victor Wagner made a patch that enables printing of all unibyte characters from the current system encoding. My patch is based on his great work - only a little modification was required to eliminate encoding restriction. And now, any character that has corresponding entry in mkPsEnc.tcl file may be printed! Of course, you need to take care of PostScript font mapping - target PostScript font must contain all glyphs that you want to see printed. Tk 8.3.3 is recommended, or you may need to apply some hunks by hand. If you are using Tk 8.4 branch, take this patch instead. [Last update: Apr 22, 2002]

Tk 8.4 alpha branch introduced new feature - message translation. Here you can get the file with russian messages - just put it into $prefix/lib/tk8.4/msgs to make use of them. Translation files must have non-ascii characters encoded with backslash sequences (\uXXXX). This representation is not human-editable. To prepare my russian translation file I wrote a small Tcl script that replaces non-ascii characters with appropriate backslash sequences. Original translations file which I edit by hand uses KOI8-R character set. You can use this approach for your applications as well.

Eternal troubles with non-latin1 characters also affected the skipstone web browser. As of version 0.7.6, it can't display non-latin1 characters in bookmarks, in window titlebar, it can't search page for string containing such characters. My patch addressing this problem is here. I don't use skipstone now; so, if this problem is corrected upstream, please notify me and I'll say this here.

You can also see the old version of this page which is in russian.

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